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Where to Buy CBD Oil in Australia

In the last five years or so, cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, has gained a lot of popularity. People have sought it out for its abilities to relieve anxiety, combat acne, and reduce pain. As CBD’s benefits are becoming more well-known, people everywhere are seeking out CBD oil to use for themselves.

Some people are hesitant to use CBD oil, as they believe it produces the intoxicating ‘high’ effect that a lot of marijuana products do. However, CBD oil contains minute amounts of THC, so consumers won’t experience the powerful and often unwanted effects of THC.

Because of this confusion around the amount of THC in CBD, a lot of people are unsure if CBD oil is legal in Australia. The legality of CBD oil has a long history in the Land Down Under. As of 2020, individuals who are 18 years and older can purchase it as long as it contains less than .005% THC.

There are thousands of CBD oil products available in Australia. Some are made and distributed legally, while others are unlawfully done so. The exact laws vary between each Australian state, so be aware of the requirements in your area before you make any purchases.

If you’re confused by how to access legal CBD oil in Australia, we’re here to simplify the process. Below, you can check out exactly where to buy CBD oil in Australia.

Buy Online from a Domestic Shop

A domestic shop is likely to be familiar with Australian laws, so you should consider one as an option for buying CBD oil online. Find a product you want to buy and check information like where it was sourced from and how much THC it contains.

Even in an online setting, don’t be hesitant to ask for the product’s COA, or certificate of analysis. This quality assurance document contains the product’s CBD and THC levels and notes if there are any contaminants present. If the online shop you are communicating with doesn’t have a COA or declines to share it, steer clear of the distributor altogether.

Even if the shop you are looking at is domestic, it may not be completely trustworthy. Ask to see test results from a third-party lab. This will offer you further information on the product’s quality and potential side effects.

Buy Online from a Foreign Shop

If you live in Australia and do an online search for CBD oil, you may stumble across a foreign shop. If the prices look more reasonable than anything you’ve found from a domestic shop, you may be tempted to make the purchase.

You can order hemp products, but you have to ensure that you follow these rigorous requirements:

  • It should not claim that it produces psychoactive effects. Otherwise, it will be considered marijuana, which is mostly illegal in Australia.
  • You may import hemp products, but they cannot contain words like “marijuana” or “cannabis.”
  • The product can’t contain images of marijuana.
  • The product shouldn’t have any health claims listed on it.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. If you need to import hemp products, be sure you are staying within the limits of the law, especially when buying from a foreign online shop.

Also, consider buying from a shop that only sells CBD oil. You will likely have more options available at a shop like this. You can order multiple flavours and product types from trusted brands.

Buy Online from Large Consumer Marketplaces

If you choose to use a larger consumer marketplace like Etsy, eBay, or Amazon, you should shop cautiously. Sellers on sites like these are more likely to make (and get away with) hyperbolic claims about their products’ benefits.

You should be safe purchasing a product that has positive and verifiable reviews. Be sceptical of products that only have a handful of good reviews. You want to look for a product that has positive feedback and a lot of it. This way, you will be less likely to get ripped off with a sub-par CBD oil product.

Purchasing from a large consumer marketplace does come with some risk, but as long as you do your research, you should be able to find a high-quality product.

Visit a General Practitioner

If you are looking to use CBD oil for medical reasons, you may be able to get a prescription through your general practitioner.

First, determine if you have an approved medical condition that can be treated by cannabis. Some examples of these approved illnesses include rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease. If you aren’t sure if your condition is an approved illness, your doctor will know.

Once you have determined that your illness is one that is approved to be treated with CBD oil, your general practitioner will evaluate the effectiveness of your current treatment. If the treatment you are receiving has not produced results, you can seek a prescription for medical CBD oil.

After a discussion with your GP, you can ask them to apply for approval from the Therapeutic Goods Association on your behalf. Once approval has been granted, your GP can prescribe CBD oil to use for medical purposes.

Visit a Specialist Clinic

Some general practitioners may be unfamiliar with the process of obtaining the approval described above. If your GP is unaware of the process, or you don’t feel comfortable asking them, consider visiting a specialist clinic. These clinics are patient-focused and will help you seek the product you are looking for. A specialist clinic will determine if you qualify to use CBD oil for your condition. Then, it can help you obtain a legal prescription to purchase a government-approved CBD oil product.

CBD oil can offer incredible health benefits where other medicinal treatments fail. Navigating the CBD oil market can be difficult at times. You want to ensure that you stay within the confines of the law. However, you should never settle for a sub-par product. Always do your research before making a final purchase. This way, you can rest assured that you are legally receiving and consuming a high-quality product.