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The Health Benefits of CBD

A newcomer to the consumer world, CBD is already making strides with incredible testimonials from people stating its health benefits have helped with various ailments. This, combined with some research, shows this magical extract has big fans, making it a word-of-mouth hero.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. This extract works in conjunction with the body for healing. But what exactly are some of the CBD oil benefits people are talking about? We’ll explore some of those benefits in this article.

Disclaimer on CBD

As with anything else having to do with the body, please contact your medical professional first before using it.

Self-medicating with anything new – such as cannabidiol – is a matter to consult with your doctor. This is important because you and your doctor know your body best, and you’ve likely been tested for any allergies or substances that collide with your system. It’s important to seek advice from a professional before ingesting or applying anything new, no matter the hype, in case it could react with any medications or existing conditions you have.

Can You Use It to Cure Pain?

To the online testimonial of people, you can use CBD oil for pain. What pain exactly? Physical or emotional? Here’s a quick summary of how people have found relief for these two types of pain using cannabidiol:

  1. Physical pain: The way this ointment is typically used for physical pain is by applying it topically to the affected area, and then rubbing it in. Some experience a sense of relief immediately after rubbing, which can be explained as soothing and comforting. In some cases, CBD oil is used in massage therapy to work into the body as pressure is applied by the masseuse in problem areas.
  2. Emotional pain: While this one is a little harder to track, testimonials for using CBD oil for anxiety are common. Depending on whether you consider anxiety a type of emotional pain or a condition, CBD oil works with the immune system and the brain, which is likely why people do find comfort in using the extract for this type of pain.

Other Uses

This oil has also been used to provide relief from symptoms of cancer, ADHD, and sleep disorders, with positive results.

In non-medical uses, this oil has even been used when practicing yoga, where the instructor walks around applying the extract in specific parts of the arms, neck, or feet as yogis and yoginis are in relaxing poses.

CBD has also made it into plenty of other markets. For instance, CBD chocolate and candies are already making their mark among fans of the product.

Are There Known Side Effects?

CBD oil side effects have been reported by certain people to cause upset stomachs and nausea, among other symptoms, especially if you use over the recommended dose for your weight category.

While cannabidiol is a substance that comes from a plant, it’s important to be aware that any time you ingest something new, your body may have a reaction to it. Possible side effects according to your body type are another reason to speak to your medical professional before rushing to your local retailer.

What Is the Best Way to Ingest for Fast Relief?

This is a matter of preference. Some people purchase the oil and place it under the tongue using a tincture, some mix a few drops into water, while some even use CBD e-juices for their vape pipe.

Because no two people are alike, how you use it remains up to the individual. If you’re planning on taking it as recommended by a medical professional, simply follow their instructions as to how to ingest.

Why Are CBD’s Health Benefits Not Widely Talked About?

CBD is derived from either the hemp or the cannabis plant, the latter of which is where smokeable marijuana also comes from. These two products are provident of the same source, thus CBD appears as taboo because of its infamous cousin.

But, as more research is conducted to highlight that CBD is processed to contain almost non-existent levels of THC (the substance that causes marijuana users to feel ‘high’) and that it has health benefits to humans, the taboo is beginning to subside.

What’s the Dosage?

It’s important to speak to your medical professional about where to start. People starting to explore this oil can begin with as little as 250 milligrams and go up to 2000 milligrams depending on their condition or body type. As far as how many times it’s safe to use per day or week, follow the instructions on the bottle, or consult your medical professional or vendor.

It’s equally important to note that people who don’t have medical ailments can take CBD oil as they would a vitamin, for preventative measures. A healthy individual not using it for any specific ailment should start with a dosage no larger than 250 milligrams.

Can CBD Make You High?

Short answer: no. With THC – the substance that causes feelings of being ‘high’ – largely absent from CBD oil (most commercially-available CBD oil contains only trace amounts), you don’t experience a high that smoking or ingesting THC would produce.

Instead, CBD induces feelings of relaxation, relief, and wellness.

What Should You Ask Before Buying CBD Oil?

Some good questions to ask your CBD oil vendor, especially if it’s your first time using the substance, are:

  1. What is their product’s CBD oil to carrier oil ratio?
  2. Is there THC in their CBD oil?
  3. Do they have a money-back guarantee?
  4. What is the recommended dosage for me? (The vendor may ask you about your weight, diet, medical conditions, and medications you take to help determine this)


While CBD oil has brought benefits to some, including healing physical pain, it’s important to get informed on whether this is right for you. CBD helps many people with chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, and other ailments, but it’s also important to be sure that you want to try any new treatment. Also, ask your medical professional and do some research.

If possible, stop by a CBD shop (now prevalent in most countries and states where CBD oil is legal) and ask the vendor certain questions. Do your research, ask questions, and determine if this extract’s health benefits will benefit your life.